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Glenview Turf is a Leading Sunshine Coast Turf Grass Supplier. Glenview Turf proudly supplies high quality turf, grass and lawn products to the Sunshine Coast. We have over 23 years experience with Turf growing which means you can relax as we have it covered! Backed by excellent service, we’ve maintained an enviable reputation for being fast, reliable and cost-effective. By keeping our operational costs down, we pass on the savings to you. We supply quality lawns to the domestic and commercial market in all areas of the Sunshine Coast. Other areas we cover include Brisbane, Ipswich, Wide Bay, Marybrough and Capricornia.

Glenview Turf’s Innovative Pallet-less Delivery System

Our current lawn varieties at Glenview Turf include Sir Walter Buffalo Grass, Zoysia Grass, Wintergreen Couch Grass and Oz Tuff Sports Grass  We consider our Sir Walter and Zoysia grasses to be our ‘boutique grasses’. We offer a unique service using our Pallet-less Delivery System. Our pallets remain on our trucks while forklifts remove the grass. The grass is then placed as near as possible to the area being turfed. This means you do not have to worry about the removal of wooden pallets.

Where’s “Walter”?

Walter” is Australia’s number one Water Buffalo that loves Buffalo Lawns. He loves Sir Walter because of its ability to grow in shady areas that get only 2-3 hours full sun. He thinks that Glenview Turf is great and “Walter” also likes the other lawn grasses that we grow such as Oz Tuff Sports Couch, Zoysia and Wintergreen. Walter is a traveller who sometimes gets lost, so we need you to take a photo with him so we know what he is doing and who he is with.

Excellence In Customer Service

The staff at Glenview Turf are all well trained which means they proved great advice and recommendations. Phone us today, our Turf Consultant will ask a few questions about the likely use of your lawn and climate conditions. In no time you will be provided with a professional recommendation. Alternatively, please visit the Maintenance section of our site.

Talk to us today to get the professional advice that you were looking for to select the right turf solution for your situation.

Wheres Walter Glenview Turf

Wheres Walter Glenview Turf