Glenview Turf Scoop Gold Award At Lawn Solutions Australia Conference In Adelaide!

Erin Quinlan General Manager and Craig Banbury Farm Manager at Glenview Turf were thrilled to accept the Gold Award presented to them at the recent Lawn Solutions Australia Conference held in Glenelg Adelaide.

Erin Quinlan and Craig Banbury of Glenview Turf Gold Award LSA Conference Adelaide IMG_2963 Erin Quinlan and Craig Banbury of Glenview Turf Gold Award LSA Conference Adelaide

Lawn Fertiliser Best Practices

Lawn mower cutting grass with gardening backgroundThe more you know and understand about lawn fertiliser, the more equipped you’ll be to make sure you’re using the best practices to suit your lawn. Many people think that lawn fertiliser practices are the same for all grass varieties, but that’s simply not the case. Some require more fertiliser than others and some require fertilising at different times of the year. You’ll also want to make sure you get it right. Bad fertilising practices can lead to permanent damage to your soil and in turn, a turf that’s not looking its best! Continue reading

The Right Time to Replace Your Lawn

Turf rolls being applied in backyardLawn envy can be a difficult thing. As you drive around your neighbourhood, you might find yourself slowing down to gaze at beautiful lawns with lush green grass that seems to remain green all year around. You might return to your patchy, weed-filled, lawn and wonder how they do it. Continue reading

Chemical vs Organic Fertilisers

Sir Walter Turf with Organic LabelWhen it comes to fertilising turf, both chemical and organic fertilisers have their place. Once you start using chemical fertilisers, it can be hard to go organic and get the chemicals out of your turf. The effects of chemical fertilisers are long lasting and it could be years before you truly get chemical traces out of your turf. While most turf only needs to be fertilised a few times a year, it’s important to do so to keep your grass green and healthy.

It’s a personal option whether to use chemical or organic fertilisers, so we’re here to give you the information from both sides to let you decide.

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