Jari Blu Native Turf

Jari Blu Native Turf is an Australian native grass variety.

It is an Aussie lawn for Aussie homes! It has a medium width leaf and very little thatch, is a beautiful deep green colour, is slow growing so is a low maintenance lawn and is semi shade tolerant requiring just 4-5 hours direct sunlight per day.

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Jari Blu Native Turf produces a very low thatch which gives it a beautiful finish

This means that it won’t scalp easily which reduces damage done by lawn mowing.

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Jari Blu Native Turf has many features and benefits

Jari Blu is very soft to the touch but also hard-wearing. This makes it ideal for your home, commercial areas, golf courses, sports fields and also public areas.

Jari Blu Native Turf grows well in sandy soil and clay areas. Due to its tight growth structure it is excellent at out competing weeds once established.

Jari Blu Native has very good resistance to insects and diseases.

Jari Blu handles full sunlight very well but is also semi shade tolerant only requiring 4-5 hours direct sunlight per day to look its best. This makes it suitable for most areas.

Recommended Care Requirements

Mowing height is approximately 40-60mm in the shade and 25-40mm in the sun
Mow every 2-3 weeks during Summer
Mow every 3-4 weeks during Winter
Fertilise 2-4 applications per year
Performs great in full sun, handles 40-50% shade
Low water usage, still recommended to water regularly

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