Lawn Health Checks

Expert Support And Service For Your Peace Of Mind

We offer a Lawn Health Check on your new lawn approximately 2-4 weeks post installation. This is a time when customers can be unsure what to do next, and a wrong decision can be critical to the sustainability of their lawn e.g. When do I stop watering? Am I watering too much or not enough? When do I mow it? How short do I mow it? and so on.

lawn health checks

You will receive a copy of the Lawn Health Assessment with tips and guides.

During the check various details are assessed including:

Nullarbor Couch Oz Tuff Grass

  1. Turf Variety.
  2. Overall Condition.
  3. Insect Pest Analysis.
  4. Mowing.
  5. Disease Level.
  6. Colour and Nutrients Status.
  7. Shade Percentage.
  8. Weed Infestation.
  9. Watering Schedule.