Empire Zoysia Glenview Turf e2

Watch the New Empire Zoysia TV Ad

Follow this link to watch the new Empire Zoysia ad https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC39Ztdzp6jq6E6Ms0r-ng4Q
An Empire Zoysia lawn could possibly be the best lawn available. Why? Well it looks amazing with a deep lush green colour and grows very dense both above and below the surface. This means that it has excellent heat and drought tolerance, and is also great at keeping pests and weeds out. However, the very best part about an Empire Zoysia lawn could be that it is a slow growing turf variety which means far less mowing than many other varieties. Call us today for your free no obligation quote and get the best lawn in the street.

Empire Zoysia Glenview Turf e2

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